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What Leaders are Working on….

I hope 2022 finds you off to a good start, with moments of joy and well-being, despite the struggles associated with COVID-19 and life in general.

I’d like to share three of the most common leadership skills and some tools that executives are working on and using in their coaching engagements. These three skills are universal and relevant for whether you lead in an organization, a community, or your home.

One: Executive Presence is the ability to show up confident, calm, grounded, and with a positive state of mind. We all need strategies and practices to help us overcome our innate negativity bias and manage our nervous systems in order to show up at our best self to inspire and motivate others to be their best.

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  • Click here for a worksheet on Energy Management and the 3 P’s (a favorite go–to resource for many clients)

Two: Conflict Management is the ability to manage difficult situations by having the courageous conversations, sooner rather than later … or never. Conflict is a necessary and healthy part of business; having the critical conversations is hard work and takes preparation.

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  • Click here for Norman Fischer’s guided meditation on “Presence” to the Conflict Resolution Professionals group (only twelve minutes and a client favorite)

Three: Time Management is the ability to set aside blocks of reflection time to make sure you are prioritizing what activities matters most (for example creating/communicating vision and strategy, building key relationships, developing skills in others, etc.) versus getting caught up in tasks or activities that should be delegated to others.

  • Click here for a Time Management Matrix worksheet which will help you reflect on and evaluate how you are spending your time