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Nobel Prize Winner Studies Meditation

Nobel prize winner, Elizabeth Blackburn, studied the effects of meditation on telomerase activity and telomere length.

Take five minutes to read this article and or watch this video to learn more about the link between meditation and increased telomerase activity and longer telomeres which leads to improved cognitive ability, less negative thoughts, better purpose of life, improved mindfulness, improved overall health, and longer life span.

Give meditation a chance!

Show Up as Your Best Self: Mindful Leaders, Meditation, & More

Thrilled to launch my first book: Show Up as Your Self: Mindful Leaders, Meditation, & More available on Amazon.

About the Book
In our fast-moving, ever-changing world, leaders at every level face constant distractions and demands. Becoming less reactive and more intentional, focused, and strategic can be daunting. What overwhelmed leaders lack is a powerful quality that, with practice, anyone can develop: mindfulness.

In Show Up as Your Best Self, executive coach Cathy Quartner Bailey presents a roadmap to becoming a more mindful leader. By applying the techniques she has shared with hundreds of Fortune 500 executives, you will learn how to cultivate a mindfulness practice to help you reach your leadership potential by being more confident, decisive, and grounded—even in the midst of chaos.

An expert on this growing trend, Cathy shows how mindfulness is a matter of carving out reflection time and leading with purpose. In a way that’s clear and accessible, she explains how meditation and other forms of reflection can help any leader become more adept at:

* Managing uncertainty * Setting priorities * Listening actively * Solving problems * Developing and maintaining crucial relationships…and more.

Featuring illuminating leadership stories and interactive worksheets, this is a book for everyone striving to become a better leader while enjoying professional fulfillment and personal well-being.
Ten percent of royalties from Show Up as Your Best Self will be donated to Sheltered Yoga, a wonderful nonprofit organization that facilitates mental health and wellness through yoga and mindfulness education.