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“What helped the most was being able to take real-world situations I was concurrently working through to use as a vehicle to enhance my areas of opportunities. Cathy was good at drawing out and pinpointing the most relevant areas to focus on. Also, the 360 feedback was very valuable, the 1:1 style with my raters was effective and efficient because it was easy for people to participate and easy for my coach and I to drill down to those common themes.

In addition, Cathy’s personality and style worked well for me. She is outgoing and likes to get to the punch, which I appreciate. With Cathy’s support, I improved my ability as a leader to make the right decisions, step into a critical project when things go awry and hold someone accountable. The ROI in my engagement, while difficult to quantify could be $200,000 or < $1MM in additional revenue realization or reduction in costs to the firm.”
– Managing Director, Financial Industries

“I would estimate that the ROI for our coaching engagement is $200,000 – 500,000. As a result of Cathy’s coaching, my direct report is far more effective and the issues we used to deal with take up less senior management time. My direct report handles large working volume, replacing her would have been very costly in terms of dollars and experience.”
– Senior Vice President: client being coached; quote: by her supervisor, Banking Industry

“With Cathy’s help, I increased my personal leadership presence and became more confident and engaged, which also helped me build better relationships and staff up my department. Cathy is persistent, intuitive and analytical and she listened to my needs and objectives.”
– Managing Director, Financial Industry

“I’ve improved my overall communication style, including listening skills, both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  This has translated into better on-the-job performance as well as at-home communication with my husband!”
– Director of Brand Management, Consumer Package Good Industry

“I would absolutely recommend Cathy! She has a unique blend of technical knowledge, along with an ability to apply that knowledge in an effective manner through her engaging personality. Cathy excelled at bringing both me, as the leader’s supervisor, and HR into the coaching process. It was clear from day one that the coaching process was to be a partnership amongst us all. And I learned about myself and the leader, which has created a more effective and rewarding relationship between us.”
– Vice President, Insurance Industry

“Thank you for all of your guidance during my coaching engagement last year which pushed my leadership presence to a new level. I was recently promoted and as result of the coaching, I feel that my ability to approach these new challenges with calmness and reflection is a result of our work together.”
– Vice President, Manufacturing Industry

“Cathy created a trusting environment for our leader, a strong working relationship and rapport with our leader and has excellent knowledge of coaching tools and resources. She is very approachable and easy to talk to. This ultimately created a safe environment for the leader and Cathy was able to earn the leader’s trust. She exhibited expertise in coaching and is aware of a wide array of tests and resources available for coaching. The leader enjoyed using these tools and walked away knowing more about herself and others. Cathy also has a strong business knowledge which leaders can relate to.”
– Director of HR, Insurance Industry

“Cathy gave me an opportunity to get some perspective and provided me with the knowledge that I am still in control of my work life.  The assessments and the DISC tool are invaluable to me but mostly because they remind me of the conversations we had about how to apply them when approaching my manager in particular.  She was very supportive during the tough times but didn’t let me off the hook of doing the work to get to a better place.  I am so grateful.  I would not be in the place I am in now without her.  Plus, I am very confident I can sustain the progress we made. I cannot thank her enough for patience and guidance.

“When an executive is actually seeking a coach they are looking for help in developing a new goal or direction for their career.  The process Cathy uses is ideal for busy executives.  She takes on the responsibility of moving the dialogue along and she never left me guessing about what might be expected next.  This takes a lot of pressure off and allowed me to focus on what I really needed to in order to engaged in achieving the objective of the coaching experience.”
– Managing Director, Financial Industry

“Cathy was incredibly helpful in sharpening my leadership skills. She began by collecting and synthesizing feedback from a variety of colleagues and my own self-assessment and we developed a concrete action plan. Cathy was supportive, open, honest, and creative in helping me improve my leadership skills. Even after the successful end of our engagement, she remains a trustworthy resource and mentor. I enthusiastically recommend Cathy to anyone hoping to take their career to the next level.”
– PhD, Policy Research