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Mindful Leaders

Learn from Real-Life Mindful Leaders

In this book, you’ll find inspirational stories written by everyday mindful leaders from wide-ranging professions and all walks of life. Hopefully, these leaders’ stories will inspire you as much as they have me.

  • Do You Care? Leadership Lessons from Brother Bernadine, Archie Demarco, and My Dad, by Dale Moss
  • Do You Know Your Best Self? by Stephen Parker
  • Can You Remain Calm in Crisis? by Dr. Joseph Zarge
  • What I Learned from Flipping Burgers and Scrubbing Pots: Lessons in Leadership, by Len Bardfeld
  • Ignoring the “Experts” and Succeeding with Balance, by Sonya Legg, PhD
  • The Right Thing at the Wrong Time Is the Wrong Thing, by Joan Spindel
  • When Failure Is Not an Option, by Christopher Stevenson
  • A Lesson from McDonald’s: Life Is an Occasion—Rise to It!, by Sang Lee
  • We Do Not Honor the Dead by Dying with Them…In the Midst of Difficulty Lies Opportunity, by Rick Gardner
  • Someone Throw Me a Life Jacket! by Meryl Moritz
  • How Would You Show Up with Six Months or Five Years Left to Live? by Cathy Quartner Bailey

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