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Shifting our “What Ifs” to “What Is”

Watch this insightful 3 minute video where Cory Muscara, one of my favorite meditation teachers!, shares his cognitive reframing mindfulness exercise: shifting your “What Ifs” to “What Is”. This helps us drop in and anchor ourselves to the present moment – and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Cory Muscara is the founder of the Long Island Center for Mindfulness. He teaches at Columbia Teachers College and the University of Pennsylvania – and spent six months living in silence as a monk in Asia. Learn more about him at

Managing Stress in the 21st Century!

While it’s a survival mechanism, stress is stressful and and when we are stressed, it becomes more difficult to think clearly, learn, and remember things.

And as a leader, you are particularly at risk because you constantly face the following four challenges that lead to stress and burn out:

  • An uncertain outcome
  • Something important is at stake
  • Being observed or watched
  • Anticipation of any of the above

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