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How to Stay Calm in Today’s Stressful World

In today’s world, where we all struggle to balance home and work life, Dr. Travis Bradberry provides us with strategies on how to manage our stress levels so we may increase our performance and feel better at the same time in How Successful People Stay Calm.” Top ten themes (that coincidentally executives often share with me) include:

1. Attitude of Gratitude: why not try keeping a coaching journal: What surprised me today? What moved me or touched me today? What inspired me today?

2. Avoid asking “What if?

3. Stay Positive

4. Disconnect from your PDA: unplug by turning off your phone/email to give your body a break from a constant source stress

5. Limit Caffeine

6. Sleep is Not for the Weak

7. Squash Negative Talk

8. Keep Perspective: attend your child’s soccer game, play golf for the afternoon, or even take a short walk to change your scenery

9. Breathe

10. Tap into Support Systems

Take a few moments to read Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article and you may just enhance your performance and feel better at the same time.

Would love to hear from you about how you manage your stress – What works? What doesn’t? Feel free to shoot me an email.