Helping leaders emerge

Representative Assignments

Cathy has coached executives across a broad range of industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing, Health and Beauty, Insurance, Management Consulting, Music and Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Internet-Related Services.

Client Results

CIO in the banking industry on showing up as a visionary, strategic leader. Focus included establishing a more confident executive presence, building in reflection time, communication (direct, clear, and concise, and having difficult conversations), making tough personnel decisions, delegating to team (versus doing the work), and holding others accountable.

SVP of Marketing and Communications in the architecture, construction, and engineering industry on managing stress, change, conflict, and uncertainty – and finding more joy at work. Focus included mindfulness strategies and tools for managing triggers and frustration; having critical conversations; and being more collaborative with other senior leaders (peers).

VP in the media and entertainment industry on transition to and stepping fully into leadership position from manager role. Focus included showing up with more confidence, being more strategic, managing former peers, delegating (overcoming trust and guilt issues), and flexing communication style to audience.

VP in architecture industry on elevating executive presence and influential leadership. Focus included building/reorganizing department around new vision, trigger management (hitting pause button before responding and managing uncertainty), and communication skills (adapting message to audience, business acumen, and having difficult conversations). Following coaching this individual was promoted to a partner role within the firm.

Director in the pharmaceutical industry on executive presence: areas of focus included presentation skills (being more strategic, being succinct and confident when presenting to senior leadership and board meetings), managing body language, reading audience, and self-management strategies (e.g., understanding and managing triggers).

Medical Director, Physician in the pharmaceutical industry on strengthening image as a focused executive leader who drives decisions and delivers results. Focus included adapting message to audience, influencing across organization, managing up with confidence, and time management/prioritization.

Head of Strategy and Operations, PhD in the pharmaceutical industry on strengthening executive presence and team management. Focus included being viewed as calm and strategic leader (vs. escalation orientation), matrix management, communication (clear, direct, and concise), and understanding cultural nuances in order to better collaborate with colleagues of different nationalities.

Senior Fellow, PhD in policy research on shifting image to being a leader versus industry expert: areas of focus included developing emotional intelligence, motivating and inspiring team, influencing in a matrix organization, delegation, and mentoring.

Senior Vice President in the insurance industry on gaining social awareness (how actions impacted others): areas of focus included managing conflict, flexing communication style to others, and encouraging collaboration among executive team.