Helping leaders emerge

Representative Assignments

Cathy has coached executives across a broad range of industries including Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing, Health and Beauty, Insurance, Management Consulting, Music and Entertainment, Pharmaceutical, Technology and Internet-Related Services.

Client Results

Cathy coached a Senior Vice President on enhancing her leadership presence among peers, especially during difficult situations. The executive wanted to enhance her ability to stay in the moment and remain calm for better influence while still being authentic to her own personality. With Cathy’s guidance, the executive became more self-aware of her communication style and employed different self-management strategies to manage triggers, modulate her voice (tone and volume), and speak in a way that her peers felt heard. As a result, the client was able to rebuild relationships, better influence colleagues, and have more impact on the business.

Cathy coached a Senior Research Director on positioning himself as a leader versus being viewed as only an industry expert. Based on feedback, the client created a coaching plan to enhance his ability to lead in a matrix environment by developing a more collaborative approach to managing projects, mentoring junior staff, and communicating in a more positive manner. Cathy supported him by providing assessments including DISC and emotional-intelligence, as well as time-management strategies, constructive feedback guidelines, and conflict management techniques. By the end of the engagement, the client was recognized as a sought out project leader who helped junior staff identify strengths and support their development by providing stretch assignments, while delivering results for the organization.

Cathy coached a physician who was working as a Medical Director on strengthening his image of being a more focused leader who drives decisions and delivers results. Cathy conducted 360 interviews to help the client understand how he was coming across in meetings with supervisors, peers, and direct reports. As a result, the client learned he needed to lead with a more inspiring vision, better adapt his message for the audience, and strengthen accountability (personal and within the team). With Cathy’s guidance, he developed a better process for articulating the right vision and message, directing and delegating to his team, and managing group accountability. The client was promoted to Vice President after the engagement ended.

Establishing her own leadership style and finding her own voice was of great concern to a Senior Director who was younger than her peers and identified as a high performer by senior management. She wanted to project more confidence, enhance business acumen, and empower her team. Cathy used an online 360 assessment to help the client understand how senior leaders, business partners, and direct reports perceived her in the workplace and the DISC assessment to enable better communication to colleagues with different styles. During the coaching, the client explored different strategies to show up more confident, communicate in a way that demonstrated she heard the others’ points of view, and better align with partners. As a result, she was promoted to Vice President.

Cathy helped her client, a Senior Vice President, gain more self-awareness around how his leadership style and actions were impacting others. Cathy reviewed his previous 360 and interviewed several of his peers for additional feedback. She coached her client on strategies to help him self-manage his emotional responses to others, develop his active listening skills, and learn to value the work of his peers. In order to communicate more effectively, the client tracked his reactions to certain situations and developed a process to could give himself time to calm down and think through appropriate responses. As a result, the senior leadership team dynamics were improved and the client was perceived as being a more flexible leader and a better collaborator.

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