Helping leaders emerge


We bring a structured approach to the coaching process which includes the development of a coaching plan with clear goals, milestones, and deliverables.

Stage One: Kick-off, Assessments, 360 Interview Process, Coaching Plan
(Months 1-3, 12-15 hours)

The Kick-Off

  • Coach and Client Leader meet for initial coaching session to get to know each other, discuss coaching, and share any relevant data that might inform the coaching (e.g., previous self-assessments, annual reviews).
  • Supervisor to provide Coach with input regarding success criteria for Client Leader’s leadership development and coaching engagement (listed above but further refined).
  • Kick-off triad meeting with coaching engagement team (Client Leader, Supervisor, and HR/OD). Coach to review coaching engagement roles, process, confidentiality, time-frame and deliverables and answer any questions. Identify company values to be included as part of coaching engagement.

Assessments and 360 Interview Process

  • Identify relevant assessments and leadership skills needed for Client Leader’s development. Coach to create interview guide for 360 interviews (team to approve) and Client Leader and Supervisor to identify 6-8 participants for interviews.
  • Interview 6-8 participants for 30 minutes each.
  • Coach to create 360 report and debrief Client Leader.

Create Coaching Plan

  • Coaching developmental plan created by Client Leader with Coach’s support (based on input from coaching conversations, assessments, and colleague feedback via the 360).
  • Client Leader presents draft developmental coaching plan to Supervisor and HR/OD with Coach’s support. Supervisor and HR/OD provide context and input into coaching plan. By end of meeting, developmental coaching plan is updated to reflect Supervisor’s and HR/OD’s input.
  • Throughout the coaching, various tools (e.g., message mapping, filming and observing Client Leader present, etc.), assessments, articles, and books will be recommended to Client Leader, based on fit and need.

Stage Two: Coach to Plan
(Months 4-7, 10-13 hours)

Coach to Plan

  • Coaching to the plan via in-person for 4 months – 3-4 sessions/month plus on-demand coaching as needed.
  • Mid point triad meeting check in with Client Leader, Supervisor, and HR/OD. Periodic email check-ins to update engagement team provided by Coach.

Stage Three: Follow-up 360’s, Succession planning, Close-Out Meeting, Follow-up
(Months 6-7, 7-9 hours)

Follow-up 360 and Creation of Succession Plan

  • Coach to provide follow-up 360 interviews with 4-6 participants to assess progress and areas of continued focus for Client Leader’s leadership development.
  • Coach to debrief Client Leader on follow-up 360 debrief and Client Leader to create succession plan (to lock in the learning post-coaching).

Close-Out Meeting

  • Final meeting with Client Leader, Client Leader, HR/OD, and Coach to review original coaching plan and Client Leader to present Client Leader’s post coaching succession plan. Supervisor and HR/OD to provide context and input into succession plan.

Stage Four: Follow-up
(Months 7-8, 2-3 hours)

  • 2-3 follow-up meetings with Client Leader.